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A new Chair for the New Year….interested?








We are looking for a new Chair to help support and develop the work of the service and to help us meet the challenges of the future.

The Chair will:

liaise directly with our Vice Chair and Secretary to help chair quarterly Trustee meetings, as well as the AGM – currently all via video-link

help manage and develop the ongoing work of the service, such as the recruitment of volunteers, working to best practice, fund-raising, updates to policies and procedures, and managing any safeguarding concerns which may arise

lead/work with the Management Team/Trustees to generate ideas and agree strategies to help meet a rapidly changing environment.

What are we looking for?

A dynamic individual who can support and develop the work of the service and help us meet the challenges of the future.

Practical considerations

  • We would expect applicants to have:

    an understanding of counselling and psychotherapy or other mental health support practices
    an understanding of safeguarding issues
    experience of team building
    the ability to lead/collaborate on the development of new policies
    experience of successfully managing (or contributing to the management of) an organisation, ideally a charity
    good organisation and communication skills, including writing reports, policies, and newsletters which can be shared with the wider team
    basic I.T. skills to manage emails and documents and to attend video-link meetings.


  • Relevant qualifications or training
  • Will require criminal record check
  • Own computer or secure access to one
  • Must live in, or work locally to, the Lancaster area


Taking the next step

If you are interested in applying, please send your cv, with a brief covering letter, to and


Applications will close no later than 31st March 2023


A Christmas Concert to benefit NLCS

Hello everyone

Kathryn Crameri and her Trust Singers are “on the road again”; this time with a Christmas themed musical evening, the proceeds from which will again benefit NLCS.

Trust Singers are a Garstang based choir and you can read more about them on their FaceBook page at
Details of the occasion are below. If you fancy going along, please contact them directly.
Naturally, please feel free to publicise this further to anyone outside of NLCS who would be interested. The more tickets that are sold, the greater the benefit to NLCS.








We have the following vacancies



We are looking for additional Trustees (and, by definition, members of the Management Committee).

The Trustee role involves attending 5 meetings a year (usually via Zoom) including a 2-hour meeting each quarter and the AGM. Most Trustees also help out in another way of their own choosing, such as fundraising, reviewing policies, attending new recruit interviews, organising social events, or any other activity that they can do to support the service. The only requirements are a commitment to attend meetings and an enthusiasm for NLCS!

Telephone Team

The telephone team is the first point of contact for potential clients looking for our support. Rebekah Bailey, our Telephone Team manager, says

“The role is right at the front line following up requests for referrals and any other enquiries from people phoning our advertised phone number. The duty involves accessing messages left on our voicemail, taking details, phoning the enquirers back. You are allocated 3 consecutive days each month, which will then be the same in subsequent months. On average you can expect 3 messages per 3 days, some months zero, some months 4-6 messages. You will be self-reliant and the team is self-monitoring. You call from your own phone and make contact with enquiries by withholding your own number for privacy.”

This is a great opportunity, for our trainee counsellors in particular, to develop your skills and experience the process of NLCS from start to finish.

Rebekah and others on the team will provide guidance and support as necessary.

If you are interested in either (or both!) of these roles, please email outlining how you can help us.


News from the AGM

NLCS held its AGM on Friday 21st October.

At the conclusion of the meeting, Tammy Tunstall stepped down as our Chair after three years in the role.

Dennis Dickson, a former Chair and our longest serving volunteer (25+ years and counting) commented

talk about come the hour, come the person! We get struck down by a pandemic and there is Tammy, wonderfully steering the organisation through what must have been its most difficult time, certainly since I have been with NLCS. I appreciate Tammy was wonderfully supported by the MC.”

Kathryn Crameri, our Vice Chair echoed this and offered a formal vote of thanks to Tammy, reminding the meeting that the pandemic had forced many changes on the way NLCS operates. All of these have been safely and successfully negotiated with Tammy at the helm. This sentiment was warmly and roundly supported by all present.

Tammy will remain with NLCS in her role as Trustee and as a member of the Management Committee.

A warm welcome to the new members of the team







A warm welcome to Alison Farrell (Supervisor), and to our new trainee Counsellors Mary Rawcliffe, Helen Lawrie,and Shellie Briggs, all of whom joined us in March 2022. A big thank you and enjoy your time with NLCS



As a small, local charity offering free and reduced cost counselling, we are looking for qualified Supervisors to offer low cost supervision to our volunteers. Each of our Supervisors works with up to 3 counsellors at a rate of £20 per hour.

If you would like to know more please contact Kathryn at