History of NLCS

We were so excited to reach our 30th anniversary in 2021!

Arthur Longworth

NLCS began when our founder, retired Reverend Arthur Longworth, set about to create a counselling centre for local people. He recognised the need in all of us to have a space in which we can feel heard and listened to, and his aim was to achieve this by providing a warm, welcoming service delivered by trained volunteers. The foundations of North Lancashire Counselling Service were established in 1991, and more than 30 years later we are still going strong.

Our volunteer-led service provides counselling to adults aged 18 and above. Our existing team consists of over 40 dedicated volunteers. Our longest serving member, Dennis Dickson, explains that after 25 years once you are part of the NLCS community it is difficult to leave!

Although originating from Christian principles, the service no longer has connections with any one religion, but holds dear the values of providing a non-judgemental, empathic and client-centered service to those in need. We deeply value the diversity in all of us, seeking to provide support to those who choose to ask for it, welcoming everyone regardless of their beliefs, values, sexual orientation, gender, race, economic status, and ethnicity.

We are indebted to those who have been able to support us over the years. Both those who have contributed their time and expertise, as well as those who have supported us in our fundraising efforts. Thank you to The Eric Wright Charitable Trust, Lancaster Guardian, the Duchy of Lancaster, The Galbraith Trust, Lancaster Round Table, The Countess Eleanor Peel Charitable Trust, the National Lottery, Lloyds TSB, Lancaster Community Foundation, St Thomas’ Church (Lancaster), Marks and Spencer, Fat Media, ASDA, Lancaster & Morecambe Mental Health Service User’s Forum, St Joseph’s Church (Lancaster), and Lancaster City Council for your contributions and support. A special thank you to our clients for contributing when you have been able to, and to our fundraisers for all your efforts to keep the service going.

A full history of our service and current provision can be found in this booklet.