We have the following vacancies



We are looking for additional Trustees (and, by definition, members of the Management Committee).

The Trustee role involves attending 5 meetings a year (usually via Zoom) including a 2-hour meeting each quarter and the AGM. Most Trustees also help out in another way of their own choosing, such as fundraising, reviewing policies, attending new recruit interviews, organising social events, or any other activity that they can do to support the service. The only requirements are a commitment to attend meetings and an enthusiasm for NLCS!

Telephone Team

The telephone team is the first point of contact for potential clients looking for our support. Rebekah Bailey, our Telephone Team manager, says

“The role is right at the front line following up requests for referrals and any other enquiries from people phoning our advertised phone number. The duty involves accessing messages left on our voicemail, taking details, phoning the enquirers back. You are allocated 3 consecutive days each month, which will then be the same in subsequent months. On average you can expect 3 messages per 3 days, some months zero, some months 4-6 messages. You will be self-reliant and the team is self-monitoring. You call from your own phone and make contact with enquiries by withholding your own number for privacy.”

This is a great opportunity, for our trainee counsellors in particular, to develop your skills and experience the process of NLCS from start to finish.

Rebekah and others on the team will provide guidance and support as necessary.

If you are interested in either (or both!) of these roles, please email secretary@northlancscounselling.org.uk outlining how you can help us.