Applications for Counsellors: Documents required

We require the following information submitted electronically (an email address will be provided):

1. CV to include:-

  • Personal details: address, email address, telephone number;
  • Post-secondary education and any professional or vocational training;
  • Counselling training at all levels including your present course, specifying the qualification/s and institution/s plus dates;
  • Details of referees;
  • Brief work history and experience.
  • Please make clear your current status regarding your qualification.


2. A separate document providing:

  • A description of Your Personal Life Journey that led to you being a Counsellor/training to be a Counsellor and what motivates you to do this work.
  • Details of any counselling experience, formal or informal.
  • Please tell us why you have chosen to apply to us at NLCS.


3. References from two people emailed to us, including a professional reference (not open references, please). At least one referee should be able to specifically comment on your potential as a counsellor. Therefore, referees must include: your university tutor for trainees and/or your supervisor for qualified counsellors.

Please note that your references are required as part of the application process and will be used to help us to shortlist. At NLCS we ask that applicants take responsibility in approaching their referees and tracking their own references. This includes chasing them up should this be necessary. Applicants will not be shortlisted without these, so please check that they have reached NLCS before the deadline. Please can you ask your referees to clearly label their emails and to cover the following reference points:

  • In what capacity do you know the applicant?;
  • Some comments on the applicant’s counselling (knowledge/skills/aptitude…);
  • Could you comment on their ability to fit into our organisation with reference to their knowledge, experience and skills?;
  • Please confirm the qualification on completion if a trainee;
  • Please comment on the applicant’s readiness for placement if a trainee;
  • Please confirm that the applicant has passed the required assignments if a trainee;
  • Any other information you think may be useful to us in supporting the application.
  • Please include the applicant name and ‘NLCS’ in the email subject.


Please ensure that you check your emails on a regular basis. Interviews may be arranged at short notice. On receipt of your application, you should receive a confirmation by email.