Take a look at some of the comments our clients have made about our service

A testimonial received December 2018

“The counselling I received was outstanding. I went to my first session feeling very low and I was in a very dark place. Through talking to [my counsellor] I discovered a lot about myself which I had never considered before. This new knowledge assisted me in developing strategies to cope with stressful situations in my personal life. I now see myself in a much more positive way. As a result my relationships with the people I care about have improved enormously and I am a much happier person.”

A testimonial received during March 2018

“I am so pleased to know that North Lancs Counselling Service is still there for the many people who need it. It must be well over 20 years since I saw one of your counsellors and, as for all clients, it is a lifeline in times of acute need. I enclose a small contribution towards the cost of running your wonderful organisation, and thankyou again for the help it was able to give me so many years ago.”

A testimonial received on 13th November 2017

“Fantastic service, friendly, reliable and a life saving therapy. Margaret has changed my life, my family's life and turned my life into a successful achievement. I have no hesitations to think that without her direct service I wouldn't be here today and my children and wife wouldn't have a husband or Dad. WOW. As a 33 year old male always being brought up to hide my feelings Margaret has changed my life into talking and exploring my feelings - Thankyou so much :)”

“This service has been really helpful to me, from the opportunity for free care without which I couldn’t have found the correct support, to the easily contactable, relatable, personable counsellor.”

“I feel I have been given excellent service since I first made contact. Making that initial telephone call was very difficult for me as it made me realise I was really in need of therapy.”

“It has given me the help and support I have long craved for and needed.  What I experienced will stay with me through my whole life”.

“My general physical and mental well-being has improved drastically since starting counselling; A very warm and welcoming place. Any fears I had were allayed straight away. Problems were dealt with in a thoughtful and sensitive manner. An excellent and vital service I would wholeheartedly recommend to anyone.”

“It's often difficult to imagine sitting with a complete stranger and talking to him about personal things but the counsellors at NLCS are warm and friendly and you soon realise the benefits that therapy can bring for you. By opening up it feels as though a weight is somehow lifted. I definitely came away feeling much better in myself.”

“I approached in trepidation and left with my faith in counselling begun and my faith in humanity restored!”

“For me the space was best for expressing thoughts and feelings that I couldn’t make sense of outside.”

“NLCS has proved invaluable to me as a service and it also proved to be a real lifeline.  Their ability to offer person centred counselling on a weekly basis really helped me shift some emotional mountains that have affected my health and wellbeing for many years. I was really suffering and had run out of options – the NHS seemed only able to offer short term CBT courses, which I’d done to death. I couldn’t afford to pay for private counselling so your service really made a HUGE difference to my life.  A big and HEARTFELT  THANK YOU”.

“it has been a safe place in a time of difficulty and at a time when other services were not able to offer the support I required. Thank  you!”

“I met a very understanding and helpful person who never judged me or pushed me to accept anything but often helped me put into words what I was struggling with.  I feel like these sessions have helped me learn a lot about myself and gain very important and beneficial insight insight…..I would absolutely recommend the service to all seeking help with mental health and personal issues”.

 “The sessions were very helpful in talking things through, getting feedback … and expressing things in my own words I learnt some quite interesting things about myself. The sessions felt like a safe, open and respectful place which really helped in being open and speak and think freely about issues.”