How can our counsellors help you?

Whatever you are struggling with, our counsellors listen sensitively and empathically, being a stable and reliable listener as you seek to understand your issue and your feelings surrounding it. Our counsellors do not judge or lecture, and will not ask you to take any actions or advice you are not comfortable with.  

We are here to explore your situation with you and help you along your journey to wellbeing, supporting you through any changes you want to make.

People use counselling for a wide range of reasons, including anxiety, bereavement, depression, self-esteem, relationship problems and abuse. Our service is to help anyone who has something holding them back, is troubling, or is confusing.

One-Off or Longer Term?

If you would just like to talk though things, you are more than welcome to come for one visit only. There is no obligation to commit to further sessions. You can use our service as you wish. However, if you would like continued support, in a more structured way, your counsellor can meet with you regularly to help you work through what is troubling you.
Similarly, it is good to become aware of the personal development side of counselling. You can take a course of counselling at a particular time in your life and when that course comes to an end spend a period of time consolidating your learning and then come back to counselling again during another phase of your life.

Find out more …

If you would like to find out more, feel free to call us on 01524 389389. Just leave us a message on the answerphone and we aim to be in touch within 3-5 days.

If you are not ready to get in contact with us yet, have a look at our testimonials page to find out more about what we do, and see how others have benefitted from our service.

NLCS complaints procedure

Normally therapy sessions go well, and our feedback suggests that most of our clients benefit very much from it. However, we recognise that things can go wrong and we offer guidance here> on what you can do if this happens.