Counsellors and Supervisors

All our counsellors are either qualified or are training to acquire a counselling diploma. Low cost regular professional supervision of counsellors is provided by the service.

Applying to become a counsellor with NLCS

In-training counsellors

We are open for applications from in-training counsellors at any time. Please follow the application link and begin the process. A member of our team dedicated to applications will get back to you after looking through your initial application and will let you know if you have been short-listed for an interview.

Qualified counsellors

NLCS is happy to receive applications from qualified counsellors at any time and will endeavour to arrange an interview as soon as possible after the application and paperwork are received.

At present NLCS has urgent need for counsellors available to work on Saturdays or Sundays to meet the needs of the demographic unable to attend a session during the week. However, if your availability is during the week, we still would love to hear from you.

Information for all applicants

Please contact us if you are interested in applying for a placement. Expressions of interest can be emailed to:

Please include all of your contact details, including postal address and landline telephone number. Final applications will be required to be submitted by email and a deadline will be provided.

Detailed information for applicants (click here)

Supervisors needed

We are always interested in hearing from Supervisors who would like to volunteer with NLCS.  Please contact:

Qualified Supervisors
NLCS is seeking Qualified Supervisors with a minimum of 3 years counselling experience. We ask for your commitment to the Peer Group which meets every 4-5 weeks. We offer support towards BACP membership and Supervision costs.

Trainee Supervisors
Supervision Training Fund: If you are an experienced and qualified counsellor thinking of training as a Supervisor you may be interested in becoming a member of NLCS. We have funding for supervision training in return for a three year commitment to the organisation. Qualified supervisors will receive some payment to cover the cost of their own supervision and BACP membership

Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Workshops

Qualified counsellors from the wider community (non-NLCS) are very welcome to many of our CPD sessions. Donations accepted and certificate of attendance provided.